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Let Our Carpet Cleaner Answer Your Questions

We know that selecting the best carpet cleaner can be difficult and that you undoubtedly have a lot of questions. Do not be alarmed! We hope that this FAQ page will allay your worries and bring you more information about Complete Carpet Care‘s professional cleaning services provided in Chattanooga, TN. We can answer any questions regarding carpet, rug, or upholstery cleaning!

How frequently should my carpets be cleaned by professionals?

The amount of foot traffic, pets, and lifestyle choices all affect how often you’ll need a carpet cleaning service. Generally speaking, every 12 to 18 months, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned. It may be cleaned more frequently if there is more foot traffic in that area.

Can stubborn stains be removed from carpets by professionals?

Yes, most stubborn stains may be successfully removed from carpets by professionals. Nevertheless, the kind of stain, the material of the carpet, and the speed at which the stain is removed all affect the outcome. It’s critical to share particular stain problems with our team so that we can adjust our strategy.

How long does it take for newly cleaned carpets to become completely dry?

The type of carpet, washing technique, and humidity all affect how long it takes to dry. Carpets might take anywhere from six to twelve hours on average to dry completely. To speed up the drying process, we advise optimum ventilation and minimizing foot traffic during this time.

Can rugs of any kind be cleaned by professionals?

Yes, we provide expert rug cleaning services for a variety of rug materials, such as silk, wool, and synthetic fibers. Our staff is qualified to determine what kind of rug you have and use the finest cleaning technique without causing any damage.

Is moving furniture required prior to cleaning?

Moving light furniture can improve the cleaning process by enabling us to clean a larger area, although it’s not required. Smaller objects can be moved with the help of our crew with pleasure. Moving heavier furniture as much as possible is advised to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Can smells be removed by cleaning rugs?

Yes, odors from spills, dogs, and other causes can be successfully removed by expert cleaning. Odor-neutralizing chemicals are a part of our cleaning procedure, which leaves your rugs smelling fresh in addition to being clean.

Is cleaning upholstery by professionals safe for all types of fabrics?

Many types of fabrics, especially delicate ones like silk and velvet, can safely be cleaned using our upholstery cleaning techniques. Our staff evaluates the fabric type and condition before beginning the cleaning process to use the most appropriate and delicate method.

How long does it take for upholstered furniture that has been cleaned to dry?

Similar to carpet cleaning, upholstered furniture dries differently depending on a number of conditions. It may take four to eight hours on average. It is advised to have enough ventilation and to refrain from using it during the drying phase.

Can my furniture’s upholstery be cleaned to get rid of allergens?

A skilled upholstery cleaning service can successfully eliminate allergens, including pollen, pet dander, and dust. This promotes a healthier interior atmosphere in addition to making your furnishings cleaner.

Are there stains on a sofa that are difficult to remove or have been deeply embedded that a professional sofa cleaner can help with?

Of course! With the most cutting-edge cleaning agents and methods, our expert sofa cleaning services can remove even the most tenacious or deeply ingrained stains. Whether the stains are from red wine, ink, or pets, our knowledgeable staff can determine the best method for lifting and getting rid of these difficult spots, leaving your sofa looking new and stain-free.

We hope that Complete Carpet Care‘s FAQ page has given you important information about the carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services we offer. Please contact us at (423) 697-0601 if you have any more inquiries or would like to arrange a carpet care service in Chattanooga, TN. Our company’s goal is to make sure you’re happy, and we’re excited to bring back your home’s beauty.

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